How many times has your organization made the same resolution?

How many resolutions have been made and then nothing done about them?

How do Governing Boards and Management know what is happening with resolutions made by the Board?


Resolution Tracker provides easy input and tracking of Board Resolutions>Desired Outcomes>Action>Actual Outcomes>Results.


Enables the executive through to project staff to quickly assess the status of, and follow up to, any resolution or action.

Complements and enhances reporting to the Board

Meets the following requirements of Good Governance:

  • Legal Compliance
  • Time effective meetings
  • Transparency & Accountability
  • Understanding & Empowerment
  • Decision making


Features include:

  • User friendly, easy data input
  • Powerful searches and sorts
  • User defined groupings for resolutions by function and policy area
  • Links resolutions together
  • View, print & export reports to word
  • Assists in preparing annual reports
  • Pre-meeting log for planned and approved meetings
  • Record resolutions directly into the system during the meeting
  • Post meeting reports on follow up and actual results
  • Results are displayed with "on track" colour coded indicators