No more struggling with numerous lists, spreadsheets and documents chasing information on a member or client.


MembersTracker: a cost effective, graphical financial performance monitoring system for tracking organisational financial well being and project outcomes.

MembersTracker clarifies and illuminates financial reporting.


  • MembersTracker is for community councils, land councils, regional and service organisations.
  • MembersTracker provides an easy to use and effective members information management system.
  • MembersTracker records, stores and enables easy and fast retrieval of critical members information.


  • Intuitive design for ease of use
  • Secure password protection
  • Advanced search, sort and filtering facilities aid finding and customised report generation
  • Detailed and summary reports, lists, registers and mailing labels can be easily produced. Some reports are feature graphical layouts with pictures and maps of members and their country or homeland
  • Able to add a graphical map and photo of member and their homeland or ‘country’.

Comprehensive Content

MembersTracker comes in 3 versions customised to meet your organisations
specific need.

Corporate MembersTracker

A straightforward comprehensive database that includes most frequently used information – demographic profile, contact, positions within organisations.

Community MembersTracker

Community MembersTracker includes all the features and fields contained in the standard Corporate MembersTracker but with added features purpose designed for Indigenous Community administration- bank and ATO details.

Traditional Owners MembersTracker

Traditional Owners MembersTracker includes all the features and fields contained in the standard Community and Corporate MembersTracker but with added features specifically for Land Councils – cultural and ethnographic information.